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Lanxi Wheel top cycle industries limited is the largest bicycle sprocket crank production and export enterprise in China. It has two production bases in Lanxi and Tianjin. The company has more than 930employees and produces 30 million sets of sprocket cranks, which account for the global market.25% share, the products are exported to Europe, the United States, Japan and other countries and regions, customers have 350 domestic and foreign. With strong technical strength, advanced technology and stable quality, we are in the leading position in the same industry.
In 2017, the peak sales reached RMB 600 million, and international trade sales accounted for 40%. In the future, the company will further expand its foreign markets and expand its export share. Because the overseas market is still the main frontier of the company s development. At present, the company s main markets include Europe, the United States, Japan, South Korea and SoutheastAsian countries. The company has opened branches in the United States and Italy. In addition, we focused on Portugal, Italy, Poland, Romania, and Bulgaria in recent years and plan to open a branch in Europe.
In the process of operating overseas markets, we are committed to establishing the WHEELTOP brand. The so-called brand is an intangible asset that brings a premium to the owner and adds value. The company will start with product positioning, product quality and service, as well as brand promotion and employee treatment. Along with the rapid development of economic globalization and the increasing global status of emerging economies. As the world's largest emerging economy, China's largest and most global bicycle sprocket crank manufacturers, we need to seize the opportunity, grasp the future, actively expand the market, and strive to establish a century-old brand.
The company takes the direction of process manufacturing to industrial intelligence, and takes the industry 4.0 automation equipment as the direction. As always, it adheres to the three forces of the peak:" the power of management, the power of science and technology, the power of innovation." Every year,the company passes the HRP humanities care inspection factory of European and American com panies, full quality inspection, environmental inspection, and supply system inspection.
The company has a complete production line 22 workshops: including injection workshop, forging automation workshop, cold forging automation workshop, gold processing workshop, gold processing automation workshop, iron polishing workshop, aluminum polishing workshop, aluminum crank automation workshop, stamping automation workshop, stamping Robot workshop, oxidation automation workshop, heat treatment T4T6 automation workshop, electroplating automation workshop, electrophoresis automation workshop, painting automation workshop, spray automation workshop, assembly workshop, tool workshop, laboratory, CNC workshop, mold workshop, machine repair workshop, etc.
In addition to the introduction of TPS to improve management methods, we also introduced PDCA cycle improvement management, VSM lean production management, ERP software management and relying on the power of technology - labor- saving, provincial, automation, intelligent, and continuous innovation to products - Develop the direction of transformation and upgrading, and achieve the goal of good quality, low cost and large- scale production.
Since its inception in 1951, the company has always adhered to the tenet of "innovation, green, technology and service",actively practiced corporate values, followed the footsteps of the market,promoted the development of the industry, and reinvigorated the” peak spirit" with courage to open up. "China Dream" constantly creates value for customers, seeks benefits for employees, and strives for the progress of society!

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