The Wheel Top Story

In 2015, Wheelstop began the research and development of high end bicycle components to satisfy global demand for premium products and experiences.

In 2022, WheelTop unveiled the EDS OX series, the first of its kind wireless electric gearing system.

The WheelTop EDS OX Series is focused on delivering high quality, high efficiency wireless gear shifting with a strong value proposition.

Installation and operations of the EDS OX Series has been simplified, leaving the rider to focus on the downhills, on the uphills, and the joy of riding.

Social Responsibility

By reducing plastic packaging and using some recycled raw materials, we can reduce environmental load, improve resource utilization and jointly protect the green Earth.

Wheelstop’s mission is to introduce more recycled raw materials into the production process and reducing the amount of non-recyclable plastics within our packaging. Our ultimate goal is to make bicycles better, and therefore making the world better.